Spaces to entertain, nourish and accommodate. Creating positive customer experiences throughout the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.

breakout space with stylish seating

Through the use interior design, lighting, materials and zoning we create innovative yet functional spaces that are captivating and memorable. Working collaboratively with our commercial clients we seek the best approach, exploring trends, branding and styling options to create great user experiences and working environments.

front view of building with restaurant on ground floor
interior of restaurant with large dining area and vaulted ceilings

From cafes, restaurants, pubs and cafes to hotels, guest houses, B&B’s and Holiday Lets, our creative team can deliver exceptional buildings.

view of west bay apartments from road with café on ground floor
wine bar restaurant shop frontage view from road
interior of wine bar with people stood around the bar

We create innovative yet functional spaces that are captivating and memorable.

Commercial Portfolio

Take a look at our Hospitality Projects within our Commercial Portfolio. Simply click the filters buttons to view our sub sectors.

Commercial Portfolio
front view of finished red brick building with seating after in front
interior of master bedroom with large glass sliding doors onto balcony and internal privacy wall
contemporary office block renovation

Head back to our main Commercial Sector page to view other types of public projects.

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