Badgers Run, Minimalist home using traditional Dorset materials, Swanage

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Project Description

A well considered replacement dwelling a short distance from the beach, Swanage

This approved development will replace the existing dwelling with a new single storey house. The new home will offer an improved and more efficient layout in relation to its orientation.

The building has been designed with the traditional Ballard Estate form in mind while introducing contemporary detailing appropriate with the present day. The parapet walls will be made of Purbeck stone which is a traditional Swanage material, helping the building to tie in to its locality. The building has a hierarchy of spaces between solid and transparent. The living space at the end of the house contains the most glazing, providing a connection between the interior spaces and the rear garden. The front of the house provides privacy from the road with a parapet wall, which continues to form a garden wall, and the garage providing a further buffer from the road.

Existing roof tiles will be used for the roofing material and white render for the wall cladding. There will also be some use of zinc cladding within the short ‘links’ between the main building masses.