Eling Steam Mill, Museum & Historic Quayside, A complex restoration project, Totton

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Project Description

A heritage and conservation project to convert Eling's historic steam mill to a museum.

The original grade II listed steam mill burnt down, WDA restored what was left to become a museum with cafe. Apartments were built above as an enabling development to fund the restoration.

The Historic Quayside was in a very poor and dangerous condition.  Western Design Architects rebuilt the stone quay and restored the old railway tracks. New oak  'heritage bollards' were designed to house water and electricity utilities for use by boat owners, whilststaying in character with the traditional quayside.

This heritage and conservation project forms part of a larger develoment which included new residential properties and affordable housing.

Clients: Totton and Eling Town Council & New Forest District Council,


Awards: National Housing And Town Planning Council Partnership Awards 1997, Commendation, 'In recognition of a significant contribution to the ethos and practice of partnership in housing and planning'