Hopegood Close, Traditional homes, Charlton Marshall

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Project Description

Attractive scheme using 3 standard house types, Charlton Marshall, Dorset.

This site was former farm land belonging to DCC on the edge of this popular commuting village.  Like so many rural villages, house prices are way above National average, making it impossible for local people to buy or rent.

The budget as always was very limited meaning that Western Design had to produce a scheme using three basic standard house types.  We devised a corner house which has subsequently been used many times by ourselves and others. 

The scheme had to be an attractive place to live and using the simplified house types, create an interesting streetscape.  The layout was conceived around the idea of a village street which led right across the site.  Parking is arranged in rear courtyards to reduce the amount of on-street parking.  The centre of the scheme features a green square with the street running across it at 45 degrees, reinforced with rows of trees.

Western Design created an imaginative play area.  Spoil from the foundations was used to build a mound which children could use as a fort complete with its slide and climbing surfaces.

Awards: North Dorset District Council Amenity Awards 1996, Second Place, 'For their housing scheme at Hopegood Close, Charlton Marshall'.