Kusala, A North American style home, Hazelbury Bryan

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Project Description

Pre fabricated timber, North American style home in rural Dorset, UK 

This site was occupied by a former World War I timber army hut, slowly sinking into the ground as the timber frame rotted away.

The plot has extensive long distance panoramic views from East to South to West.

Western Design produced a house for a Canadian client.  The style reflects our client's North American heritage and is constructed entirely from pre-fabricated timber components.  These were manufactured by Lindal Homes in Seattle.  Western Design’s drawings were converted by Lindal into imperial measurements and then manufactured in metric dimensions.  All rather confusing but the resulting components were shipped over to the UK in containers and erected on site by a wonderful band of Irishmen.

This North American style house was designed to take advantage of the sun and views, as well as boasting some great interior spaces.  The close attention to detail including components such as Lindab galvanised guttering make this building the most visited on Western Design Architects' website.


Photography: Peter Booton & Alistair Nicholls

Publications: Dorset Magazine Nov 2011 (, SelfBuild & Design Oct 2011

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