Visitor Hub, A sustainable countryside visitor centre, Langley Vale Wood

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Project Description

RIBA competition entry for a new Woodland Trust visitors hub with a sustainable ethos.

This concept design formed our entry for the recent RIBA competition for a new visitor hub and memorial for the Langley Vale Woodland Trust.  Led by associate Rosie, the team pulled together to get this speculative project pitch-ready.

The proposal used sustainable natural materials such as oak cladding, rammed earth and thatch as an architectural statement to promote the ethos of the Woodland Trust. The external, sculptural form is traditional in character but contemporary in form and detail, with internal spaces that are designed to be reflective through the palette of simple building materials. The green oak cladding posts form a colonnade walkway that filters light into the building like the woodland canopy and as well as being a woodland visitor centre, the proposal would serve as a WW1 memorial using rammed earth walls and a meadow of wild flowers aimed to inspire contemplation and reflection.

The shortlist of this leisure sustainable project has been announced and you can see the successful entries at