Spring Farm, New Corten steel clad house, New Corten steel clad house

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Project Description

Contemporary corten steel clad house encorporating sedum roofs in Charlton, Dorset

Spring Farm in located in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) in Charlton, Dorset. The farm has gained planning approval for the demolition of the existing house and barns to be replaced with a new modern dwelling  (largely on the same footprint), new barns, stables and equestrian arena.

The proposal is made up of a central two and a half storey pitched roof building faced with Corten Steel. This material has an attractive and distinct asthetic which offers a unique natural brown/red rust protective oxide coating. Single storey and two storey flat roof wings form a courtyard to the front and terraces to the rear with deck access to the first floor living accommodation. Natural materials include timber cladding have been designed in a relief pattern to prevent glare and a sedum roofs softens the long distance views blending the house in with its surrounding whilst offering a biodiverse habitat. 

The new dwelling will utilise renewable energy concepts including solar panel to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly family home with a contemporary aesthetic to the detailing and finishes. 


The existing stables are to be demolished and replaced with a new more functional barn and stables in a traditional style. A new equestrian centre / riding arena 30x40m is size will be formed adjacent to the new barn.