The Glen, Tow new modern homes, London, Harrow, London

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Project Description

The existing splayed plot at the The Glen is being enhanced to accommodate two new dwellings of high architectural aspirations. Internally the dwellings have been carefully designed in line with the traditional Hindu ‘Science of Architecture’ principles ‘Vastu Shastra’ to ensure integration of architecture and nature, creating healthy homes for their residents that works with today’s modern living. This was an exciting brief to work with alongside the typical constraints of design.


The new homes have been sensitively positioned to minimise impact on the adjoining neighbours and street scene. The Architecture is of its time and place drawing inspiration from The Glen’s material pallet and local heritage. A deliberate separation is created between the houses to reveal a new view of the landscape behind but both houses retain a strong relationship to each other in design and layout. The two main external materials, white render and black timber cladding, are complimented with a brick garden wall wrapping the two houses together and providing opportunity for vertical soft landscaping on front and flank elevations.