Windmills 3, Former Bottom Coombe Quarry Stockyards, 62 new dwellings around a central square, Portland

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Project Description

A large residential development located on a disused quarry works stockyard in Bottom Coombe, Portland.

The scheme is for 62 new dwellings (including 49 houses and 13 flats).

The layout is designed to complement the Windmills Phase 1 and 2 sites to the north using a similar palette of facing materials and details.

The individual houses have been designed in a traditional style with traditional materials to relate to the surrounding developments, whilst maintaining a low key, cottage style form, more suited to a peripheral or village development.

Facing materials will include Portland stone and render facades under slate type roofs similar to phase’s 1 and 2 with some timber effect style cladding in a complimentary off white shade.

The reserved matters application was approved in May 2018.