Woodland Burial Chapel, Rural Crematorium & Facilities, Upton

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Project Description

A modern non-denominational chapel and crematorium set into the woodland landscape in Upton, Poole, Dorset.

Initially conceived as a floating island, the non-denominational chapel is surrounded by a moat. In reference to the River Styx, the moat widens to become a reflecting pool at the southern end of the site. Inspired by the form of ancient burial mounds common to the area, the complex nestles within a curving landscaped berm, giving the impression that the sunken spaces have been carved into the landscape. This modern landscape project scheme features a function room that opens out on to a terrace with views to the Purbeck Hills.

See the finished project HARBOUR VIEW BURIAL GROUND

Client: Tapper Funeral Services

Publications: BD Magazine Nov 2010

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