Public Consultation

Old Mill, Milford on Sea

On the 17th March Phil and Rianna attended a public consultation on site at the Old Mill, Milford on Sea in order to give local residents the opportunity to visit the site in its current run-down state and to help them to understand the potential of the proposed development.


Our proposals are to restore the listed buildings and leat (mill stream) which will benefit the whole site. A new contemporary extension will allow the listed buildings to be habitable as one dwelling. The scheme aims to bring new elements to the site emphasising the historic grouping of the Mill complex.


This consultation gave neighbours and local residents the opportunity to meet the enthusiastic owners, members of the local historic society and the Western Design team to ask questions about the forthcoming planning application.


The visitors were very interested in the new proposals and the history of the site which most of them had never seen despite it being on their doorsteps. One resident told us how he used to live in the building as a child.


Feedback was unanimously positive and will be submitted to support the application in the next few weeks.

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Did you know that Western Design holds many public consultations? This has always proved a very positive way of letting local residents know about our schemes. It avoids unpleasant surprises and unnecessary objections and helps smooth the way to planning approvals.