Tom Returns with Distinction

Welcome back Tom

WDA welcomes Tom Nock back to the office as a Part 2 Senior Designer.


Tom first joined WDA in 2017 during his placement year. Since then, he has completed his masters with distinction at the University of Portsmouth, winning the Bradford prize for the most sensitive design within an established historic environment (image shown).


During his time at University, Tom has gained experience in BIM software and developed his graphical skills. He was heavily involved in small community projects run by the University, including constructing a temporary public  installation near Portsmouth Guildhall. Inspired by these projects, Tom volunteered to take part in the construction of a community facility in the Fiji islands.



Tom has a particular interest in the architectural contrast between old and new, in which the proposed design has a positive visual, social and environmental impact on the existing. Great to have you back Tom!


September 2020