How can I develop my plot of land?

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“I’ve recently purchased a house on a large plot of land, what are my options for development?”

Architect Tom Nock from Dorset’s Western Design Architects offers his expert advice.

The first question to ask is where is the land located? A site located within a rural context will have different options for development than an urban site. Your Local Planning Authority (LPA) will have a Local Plan that is guided by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which identifies local development boundaries and policies for development within or outside of this boundary. Other designated landscape areas (for example National Parks or Conservation Areas) will carry further considerations affecting the type development that will be permitted.

Secondly, consider what are you looking to gain from the development?

You could improve the existing house by adding an extension or outbuildings such as car garaging, swimming pool or studio, some of which may be lawful under Permitted Development rights. Your home is usually your most valued asset and making the most of it can enhance the way you relax, entertain, work or bring up a family – not to mention add value to the site if you decide to sell.

Glass extension to a historic bungalow

A replacement dwelling is another option and could completely rejuvenate the site, whether this is for your own use or to sell on. Making the best use of what you have through good design can transform a site and see great financial return. Architects will maximise the functionality of the site and bring creative ideas to the design process to showcase your site above others on the market.

rear garden view of single storey house above ground with an extensive sunken terrace and subterranean level

Depending on the size of your site, you may consider dividing the land to form multiple dwellings to sell on the open market. Each site will bring different planning limitations so it is important to be realistic of what is achievable and an Architect will support you during this complex process. Good design will allow your site to reach its full development potential and create maximum profit, whilst fulfilling the future home owner’s expectations.

Western Design Architects understands the need to diversify and make effective use of valuable land, whilst being sensitive to the characteristics of the local area and requirements of your LPA. We offer a no obligation initial meeting on site where we can discuss your ideas and explore exciting development possibilities.

Call us to discuss how we can help you with your project.

modern brick apartments from street
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Looking to build your dream home? 

Read on to find out what factors you need to consider and how much it might cost?

Published 08 September 2016

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