visual for new visitors centre with thatched roof and curved walls surrounded by wildflowers

Public Building Architects

Our public buildings need to respond to their users’ needs, now and as they evolve in the future. How we design the spaces people see, navigate and experience is critical to their enjoyment.

Our role as architects is to design accessible buildings that enhance the lives and wellbeing of the users. Places should be legible, allowing for ease of circulation through the building while engaging all the senses. Materials, colour, light, sound and planting all provide drama that can positively enhance our community and leisure spaces.

concept of flow chart for yacht club

site analysis diagram with aerial view

Working together to serve the community

The most successful designs are produced through a collaborative process. We work closely with local authorities, charities, businesses and communities to produce carefully considered design solutions.

Theatres, art centres, sport facilities, swimming pools and village halls are examples of our areas of expertise.

We have distilled our experience of working with public buildings down to two principal categories, find out more below:

interior of converted barn with exposed beams and large open floor spaceCommunity

Multi functional spaces for the enjoyment of all.


interior pool view with white double height wallsSports & Leisure

Inclusive sports and leisure facilities to encourage an active body and mind.

Public Portfolio

Check out our range of Public Projects in our portfolio

Public Buildings
internal corner of information centre with large windows and lovely external views

WDA designed a striking building that delivered against the brief. Throughout the project the team were very approachable and professional, offering great communication and support at every stage of the project.

Roger Brewer, BCP Council, Upton Country Park Team Leader

Function space with picture windowside view of information centre at duskside view of fenced tennis courts from path

front view concept of yacht club from jettyconverted barns into a community centreinterior of theatre space with chairs and people working

interior cafe with seating overlooking alarge indoor poolfootball club building at night lit uptimber louvers to first floor extension of gallery