Entrance to contemporary crematorium at dusk

Crematorium Architects

Connecting the living with the departed. Crematorium design presents an opportunity to create beautiful buildings that sensitively allow us to say goodbye to our loved ones, celebrating and mourning a life once lived.

It is our privilege to design buildings that evoke spirituality, healing and reflection.

3D visual of Harbour view burial ground

A holistic approach

Our approach is holistic, the location of the crematorium or chapel within the grounds is fundamental, not just for accessibility but to maximise on views and to successfully blend with the landscape. The relationship with nature is hugely symbolic. It is our goal to enhance the environment through sustainable practices both hi and lo tech.

Entrance space with focal window

Design Influences

The design can draw influence from historical references, such as traditional burial mounds and classical Greek mythology, adding a sense of spirituality to non-denominational buildings. Water, light, materials and colour all have a vital role to play

As architects we pay particular attention to the how the building functions, how people move across the space and the specific conditions, technology and regulations required for crematoriums.

Harbour View Reflection pool at dusk

Chapel seating

visual of visitors centre with thatched roof surrounded by a wild flower meadow

concept sketch of entrance at harbour view burial grounds

concept for a new contemporary crematorium in Wales

Commercial Portfolio

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Commercial Projects
Purbeck Stone Walls
Aerial view of Harbour view burial ground

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