Entrance to contemporary crematorium at dusk

Crematorium Architects

At WDA, we believe crematorium design and end of life architecture offers a unique opportunity to craft beautiful structures and spaces that facilitate dignified farewells.

We see crematoriums and gardens of remembrance as more than functional spaces; they should be sanctuaries for celebrating and mourning a life well-lived.

3D visual of Harbour view burial ground

Holistic approach

It is our privilege to design crematoria, chapels that evoke a sense of serenity and reflection. We take a holistic approach, ensuring the building’s location on the ground maximises accessibility, fosters connection with nature, and complements the surrounding landscape.

The symbolic connection to the natural world provides comfort during a difficult time. We are committed to enhancing the environment through sustainable practices, incorporating both cutting-edge and traditional eco-friendly solutions.

Entrance space with focal window

Influencing design with meaning

Our crematorium Architects draw inspiration from various sources, including historical burial mounds and classical Greek mythology. These references add a layer of cultural and spiritual significance to non-denominational buildings. Careful consideration is given to the use of water features, natural light, building materials and colour palettes, ensuring each element plays a role in creating a peaceful and contemplative environment.

Harbour View Reflection pool at dusk

Chapel seating

detail photo of stone and timber wall joining

Why Choose WDA?

Our team of Architects understand the gravity and importance of crematorium and memorial design, and are passionate about crafting beautiful, functional spaces that offer solace during a difficult time of bereavement.

We prioritise the flow of people through the space, ensuring a smooth and respectful experience for families, while staying current on the latest crematorium technology and regulations, guaranteeing our designs adhere to the highest standards.


Let our Architects partner with you to create a space that honours the departed with dignity and provides comfort to those who grieve.

visual of visitors centre with thatched roof surrounded by a wild flower meadow

concept sketch of entrance at harbour view burial grounds

concept for a new contemporary crematorium in Wales

Commercial Portfolio

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Commercial Projects
Purbeck Stone Walls
Aerial view of Harbour view burial ground

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