street view of shillingstone with red brick houses and thatched white corner houses

Masterplanning Architects

Our community, where we live, work and play, is made up of open spaces, buildings, infrastructure, amenities and of course people.

We are connected to place through space with carefully considered landscaped schemes, a balanced mix of building types and integrated travel networks. This requires a collaborative and creative process driven by a client’s needs.

Experienced in designing visionary yet practical masterplans, we deliver realistic, commercially viable developments which provide successful public environments.

Aerial view of masterplan of housing

Detailed analysis

Our experience of unlocking the potential of sites is based on detailed research, design quality and a deep understanding of the unique character of every space. Key stakeholder engagement is critical at an early stage when delivering successful urban design solutions, which include effective community engagement.

These processes enable the community to have a say in the design and outcome of a scheme to provide a better informed masterplan to satisfy local needs.

Designing open spaces and shaping the public realm is as important as the individual buildings themselves, something which requires a multi-disciplinary team approach. To see the bigger picture, we work closely with a variety of different consultants including urban planners, landscape designers, civil engineers, ecologist, arboriculturists and highways consultants. This ensures we provide a well-considered, sustainable and holistic design.

Sketch scheme of site layout for new houses

The Process

The process often begins with illustrative sketch plans which analyse key features on the site, access points, vistas and positioning of vital green space or public realms. We typically transform the concept into a 3D model so we can accurately evaluate the building massing.

As site plans and building types begin to finalise, we can use our visualisation software to create street scenes and aerials views which are important tools in planning discussions with Local Authorities and communities alike.

aerial view showing design scheme of housing in Lymington

aerial design layout of dolphin quays

visual of green park area with new houses behind

Detailed layout plan for neighbour consultation

illustrative site plan of Shillingstone houses

A collaborative and creative process driven by client needs”

Jonathan Turvey, WDA

Residential Portfolio

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Residential Projects
aerial view showing site area in Shillingstone
aerial image of construction site. Phot by Paul easton paul easton

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Aerial Photography with thanks to Paul Easton

area 23 site plan detail totton

street view of red brick house and white corner house