visual of entrance to modern stone and wood clad new build at dusk

Branksea Avenue

A family home in a prime harbour side location in Hamworthy.
Location Poole, Dorset
Status Planning Approved
Use Residential
Client Private

The proposal creates an exceptional, and sustainable family home within an established plot along Branksea Avenue, relating well to its setting and respecting the character and appearance of its location onto Poole Harbour. The project site is on the Hamworthy peninsula to the west of Poole. It is a waterfront property on Poole Harbour situated between the Dorset Lake Shipyard and the Poole Yacht Club and Ferry Terminal.

The new dwelling has been developed to respond to the unique constraints and site conditions, aiming to provide a unique and innovative family home that will enhance the existing street scene and maximise opportunities to engage with the waterfront setting, with far-reaching views of the harbour and uninterrupted views of both sunrise and sunset and boathouse access to the water.

visual rear view of modern new build with outdoor swimming pool and large sliding glass doors on ground floor

A refined palette of materials

A key design principle was to connect to the sea views. A limited selection of materials has been deliberately considered for this design, chosen for their aesthetic qualities, robustness and ability to blend into and mirror the surrounding natural palette of sea, sand and trees.

The building adopts a linear form, resulting in a horizontal arrangement that opens up to a southern aspect and views to Poole Harbour. The plan of the building is simple and straightforward with a key axis creating a divide through the building, separating living and ancillary spaces until opening up in a large open plan kitchen and living space, angled west towards sunset views of the harbour.

visual front entrance view of new build with stone walls and sloping roof

High quality materials and sustainable technologies

The row of waterfront houses along Branksea Avenue are predominantly detached homes. Many have been replaced over the years resulting in a variety of architectural styles present. The variety in the street scene is now a key component of its character.

Our clients were particularly keen to build an environmentally sustainable home that adds value to the area through high quality design and craftsmanship, making use of renewable technologies where appropriate.

aerial visual of new build house with magnificent garden and sea views

Photovoltaic panels combined with battery storage and air source heat pumps have been proposed, with panels located on on the roofs of the garage, main house and boat house to sustainably supplement the use of electricity and heating within property. There are also a number of electric charging points for cars within the garage and for the additional guest parking spaces on the driveway.

visual of front view of new build with wood cladding, stone walls and a large garage