new thatched cottage with stone walls and idyllic driveway

West Street

New traditional stone cottages in Corfe Castle.
Location Corfe Castle
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

Situated in the famous, picturesque and historic village of Corfe Castle in Dorset, warm toned Purbeck Stone with thatched and grey slate roofs allow this group of three generous houses to blend seamlessly with the neighboring properties.

Extensive research of local styles and detailing went into ensuring the authentic appearance of these houses, in this important iconic Conservation Area setting.

front view of traditional stone cottages with front lawns, taken from road

Local sustainable materials

These traditional houses are unique, since they break away from the monotony of identical terraced dwellings and semis opposite. The trio of cottages have a common overall aesthetic, but with each house featuring varying distinctive design details. These differences include the porch designs, use of dormer windows, chimney details, lintel design and roof materials.

Garages have been cleverly incorporated into the design and are accessed from the rear courtyard, this allows the frontage to be car free. Bedrooms are loacted over the garages.

Beautiful Purbeck Stone for the walling was sourced from local quarries and lovingly built by local stonemasons. Genuine Purbeck slate roofs drain into cast iron gutters supported on steel brackets for authenticity.

Completion Date 2016
Size 3 units

front view of traditional stone cottages with front lawns, taken from road