road with timber clad chalet bungalows and trees


Upmarket housing in a suburban area in Upton, Dorset.
Location Upton, Dorset
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Wyatt Homes

Nestled within mature woodland, this cluster of six luxury detached houses, built in a chalet-style, incorporate elements of traditional architecture in deep tones of red and brown.

The houses feature large overhanging stepped roofs, finished with attractive clay plain tiles, that provide shelter over the timber balconies and terraces.

large chalet bungalow with tiled roof
Chalet bungalow with timber balcony
trees obscuring a house

The new homes are built from a multi red and brown brick with horizontal timber cladding on their prominent facades. Each of the houses includes a garage, most of which are integral to the house, a private driveway and generous garden.

This is an unusual type of development. It’s distinctive character makes it stand out from the conventional design of neighbouring properties.

This high specification housing development was very successful for our local developer client.

Completion Date 2011
Size 6 Units