timber cladded house in pod style surrounded by trees

Clay Lane

A contemporary timber tree house in Beaminster.
Location Beaminster, Dorset
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

Located in the heart of the Beaminster Conservation Area in West Dorset, ‘The Lodge’ comprises three contemporary timber pods, each linked via glazed connections.

Project Awards & Recognition

International Property Awards
Winner of ‘Best Architecture Single Residence South West’
The Week
October 2012
August 2008
modern wood clad house set amongst trees
view looking into kitchen living area from decking with timber cladding
Construction sketches of house at clay lane

House among the trees

Nestled within an elevated wooded site, each pod has an external terrace and pergola above. The external spaces are formed around mature oak trees giving a real sense of a house in the trees.

The whole site is covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) so WDA designed a structural post system, to minimise the impact on tree roots during and after construction and successfully gain planning approval.

The roof structure was designed to be strong enough to withstand, the impact of branches which might fall from the massive oaks.

Original concept sketches produced for planning submission.

site sketch of house with timber frame
sketch scheme of house from street view
street view of wood clad house with veranda

Ever changing surroundings

Over time, the planting and vegetation has matured, partially obscuring and screening the tree house from view, while enhancing privacy for the occupants. The cedar cladding, bright when new, weathers down to a mellow natural silver grey.


Photography Chesterton Humberts
Completion Date 2012

front view of timber cladded house in pod style surrounded by trees from drivewayNewly built

The building and landscape matured

timber cladded house in pod style surrounded by trees