Eling Steam Mill

Regeneration of Eling’s Historic Quayside, Totton.
Location Eling, New Forest, Hampshire
Status Built
Use Masterplanning & Heritage
Client Totton and Eling Town Council & New Forest District Council

A large development including new waterside housing, the restoration and conversion of the listed Steam Mill into a museum and restoration of the historic quayside’s stone walls.

The original Grade II Listed steam mill burnt down, WDA restored what was left to become a museum with cafe. Apartments were built above as an enabling development to fund the restoration.

Project Awards & Recognition

National Housing and Town Planning Council Partnership Awards
Commendation ‘Significant contribution to the ethos and practice of partnership in housing & planning’
brick apartment building
aerial view of historic dockyard and houses
Aerial view of masterplan of housing
attractive traditional red brick apartments

Polychromatic brickwork with warehouse vibes

Western Design Architects researched and studied the design of waterside housing along the south coast. The housing design reflects the character and heritage of traditional local maritime house types.

In this residential development project, including affordable warehouse style housing, great attention to detail was key to the design. Polychromatic brickwork and inset stone match the original steam mill and quayside. Projecting bays reflect the historic sack hoists of the mill building. The new multiple housing including the side terrace adjacent to the waterside were built on an elevated plateau to avoid flooding giving a traditional quayside feel.

front view of attractive apartments behind quay
street view of attached red brick housing with black front doors
walkway view of historic quayside with red brick houses

Rebuilding and restoration

The Historic Quayside was in a very poor and dangerous condition. Western Design Architects rebuilt the stone quay and restored the old railway tracks. New oak ‘heritage bollards’ were designed to house water and electricity utilities for use by boat owners, whilst staying in character with the traditional quayside.