Beech Cottage, Sedum roof, gabion walls, painted brick and cedar cladding, Child Okeford

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Project Description

A Contemporary house with natural influences in Child Okeford, Dorset.

The new house is designed to maximize its location on a long level site, with large south facing windows to frame the expansive views across the countryside and the large Poplar situated in the centre of the site.

The house is divided into two halves with a glass link to bridge them. The first, clad in silvered vertical cedar timber, houses the bedrooms and bathrooms, with discreet views to the gardens. This is connected to the second half, containing the living room and large kitchen. This is built using white painted brick, offering a contrast to the timber and giving a nod to the local vernacular of the village.

The roof is monopitched with a natural sedum roof, helping it to bed into its natural context. The planting from the roof is seeding so well that it has adopted the gabion walls, used for the landscaping, as a secondary surface. This has added an unexpected softening to the gabion walls that improves the overall scheme.

A water channel is placed around part of the perimeter of the building, adding to the tranquil setting, offering an opportunity for the sunlight to reflect and play into the internal spaces of the glass link.

The overall design of the house is a well-considered contemporary contribution in the conservation area, providing local and natural materials in a dynamic composition that is in tune to modern day living.

Client: J. Whitmarsh

Photography: Stuart Cox Photography