New Road, Lower Bryanston, Modern vernacular house in a traditional setting, Lower Bryanston

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Project Description

Large replacement home with a modern vernacular style in Bryanston, Dorset.

Approval was granted to demolish the existing post 1st World War house and replace it with a modern vernacular home.

Sited in a conservation area this was a very challenging application due to its traditional setting next to two further similar historic houses. The scheme evolved through a number of planning applications, including two approvals over the course of two years and intensive negotiations between the conservation office, the Architects and the client to reach a design that was favourable to all. The outcome is a self-build, sustainable, low energy home suited to the clients aspirations.

WDA sensitively designed the residence to reflect it's neighbouring properties. The relationship to the two remaining timber-clad cottages is achieved by maintaining the same roof pitch, chimney design, stepped ridge height, dark timber cladding, metal roof and street scene. However the new house is 50% larger than the existing property, with the new floor area sited predominately to the rear to maintain the scale of the front of the house.