Single storey entertainment building with decking area and natural pool in front

Chao Shed Pavilion

A contemporary waterside garden pavilion in Woolland
Location Woolland, Dorset
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

This contemporary garden pavilion in Dorset was designed as an entertaining space separate from the main house. Full height glazing allows for spectacular views across the natural swimming pond and wildflower meadow garden.

living area with geometrical feature table
rear view of house with zinc cladding and large windows
decking area outside single storey house with zinc cladding

An attractive high quality garden pavilion

To maximise the relationship between internal and external spaces large expanses of glass to glass corner glazing gives unimpeded views of the landscape and provides easy access into the garden with large sliding doors onto the deck platform.

The design intent was for a low key, high quality, contemporary building that sits lightly in this natural rural setting, with the effect that the building appears to float above the ground. The extent of glazing emphasises the lightweight nature of the building structure.

The pavilion incorporates a sedum roof adding to the buildings sustainability credentials.

interior open plan kitchen entertainment space

Completion Date 2014
Contractor Shean and Hare Construction Ltd
Glazing Schuco