Contemporary house with timber cladding and white walls


Redesign of a chalet bungalow in open countryside, Stubhampton, Dorset
Location Stubhampton, Dorset
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

Substantial remodelling and extension of an existing bungalow to create a fantastic new family home drastically different in appearance to the original traditional property.



contemporary house with large windows and timber cladding

Simplifying the architectural form

Set in the open countryside of the Tarrant Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), a contemporary twist on the existing form improves the visual proportion of the dwelling whilst making the most fabulous panoramic views.

The complex appearance of the existing bungalow has been simplified. A single storey extension has been added to the front of the house on the western gable forming one of two ‘boxes’ at either end of the house, connected by a simple flat roof link.

The design features large full height glazing for a light and bright interior, while a large overhanging roof offers solar shading.


A new approach

To the rear, a new double garage set at 90 degrees to the house, forms a more inviting and notable entrance to the property. Louvres connect the garage to the building and create interesting shadows on the crisp white render.

open plan kitchen and living area with skylight and large windows
internal living area with large windows looking out to open countryside

Photography Luxury & Prestige, Matrod Frampton
Completion Date 2018
Building Contractor Matrod Frampton