approach view of contemporary house with garden and trees

Hers ‘n’ Mine

A stunning linear ‘upside down’ house in the Wiltshire open countryside.
Location Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

A delightful new two storey stone and timber clad house in South Wiltshire.

This stunning four bedroom home replaces a derelict roadside cottage. The new house is a simple rectilinear design positioned on the original footprint.  The length of the building has been stretched to provide maximum glazed area, to take best advantage of sun and views. This lowers the ridgeline and creates a building with more traditional countryside proportions.

detail view of house with timber cladding and stone on ground floor

A house influenced by its rural locality

The attractive new house, although contemporary in detailing has traditional form and character.

Stone from the original house was reused for the ground floor to create a ‘solid’ base to the house. The first floor is clad in timber to give a lightweight feel. Full height slit windows run along the road elevation, influenced by traditional agricultural buildings. A single span pitched roof reflects the vernacular of the village.

elevations of contemporary house
sketch scheme of approach view to modern house with timber clad
roadside approach view to house with timber clad walls and driveway
approach view of contemporary house at dusk with lights on
open-plan modern kitchen dining area with wooden table and chairs and staircase leading downstairs

‘Upside down house’ for countryside vistas

Ground floor
The accommodation is divided into two elements; Bedrooms & Utilities and Garaging & Services. Splitting these two zones creates a natural courtyard space in-between, suitable for vehicle access to the garage and off-street parking. A linear arrangement of bedrooms along the south elevation provides all rooms with countryside views. The rear, south elevation is stepped by projecting the ground floor outwards, creating a balcony at first floor level and lessening the mass and the impact of the new house from the south.

First Floor
Elevated open plan living provides stunning long distance views to the countryside. The interior is light and airy, a result of the partially vaulted ceiling and the large expanses of glazing. A modern minimalist kitchen has been installed with a central island. The kitchen storage and appliances, form a full height screen concealing a hideaway pantry behind.

external staircase leading to entrance to house on first floor
modern kitchen in white tones with cove lights in ceiling

Size 350 sqm
Completion Date 2018
Photography Jack Lodge Photography
Structural Engineer Harvey & Snowdon
Walls Beco ICF
Glazing ODC glass