garden view of modern house with large glass frontage

Moat House

A simple design in the style of the Modern Movement
Location Stour Row, Dorset
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

The concept was for a simple rectangle with a glazed elevation looking south over open countryside with a carport and garage wing to the rear helping to frame an entrance courtyard. Designed in the style of the Modern Movement, the Moat house is a timeless favourite.

The plot is long and narrow, with a south facing aspect dictating how the new dwelling would be sited.

Project Awards & Recognition

Encyclopedia of Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture
Homebuilding and Renovating December
Dorset Magazine
close up photo of modern house with moat around and stunning countryside views

Tranquil wrap-around moat

The front door is reached by crossing a timber bridge over a water filled water channel which runs around the edge of the house and crossing the terrace to the rear to discharge into a galvanised steel water trough. Stepping stones in the channel allow access over the rear terrace.

The glazing on the rear elevation is set back to provide solar shading from the roof overhand and a linear first floor balcony, whilst also providing opportunities for passive solar heating to the home.

Boundary walls to each side of the house create ‘blinkers’ giving privacy the private rear terrace and an outer frame to the landscaping.


interior open plan hallway leading on to outside patio & garden

Open plan layout

The interior is light and spacious with each room flowing into each other due to its clever open plan layout. The entrance hall features a cantilevered staircase rising to the first and second floor observatory above.

The rear wall of the observatory is curved which creates a striking feature on the staircase which rises below this curve.

The rear corner of the living room features a low curved glass window, with a further window in the rear of the fireplace allowing views into the water channel outside.

Above the curved window is a plinth allowing a sculpture to be displayed.

approach view to modern house with white wall and trees & plants in front
large contemporary house lit up at night

Rooms with a view

On the first floor are 3 bedrooms and a landing area each with access to balcony and a home office to the rear.

Facing materials include rendered blockwork, powder coated aluminium window frames and some timber louvres.

Heating is by a combination of ground source heat pump with solar collectors on the roof.

Contractor Hammond
Structural Engineer RQ5
Structural Glass Panther Fabrications
Glazing Architectural Aluminium Systems
Ground Source Heat Pump Kensa

Completion date 2007
Cost £367,000
Photography Peter Booton, Woolley & Wallis

distance view of contemporary house from end of garden with large wildflower meadow
bedroom with large glass windows with beautiful countryside view