balcony view of house and garden with large sliding doors and copper cladding

The Croft

A modern budget lifetime home in Wiltshire
Location Warminster, Wiltshire
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Jenkins Developments

This new contemporary home features open plan living with wonderful views from its elevated setting. The house is modest in size, providing a flexible family home with a generous and very useable garden. Built into the hillside, the house fits comfortably into the sloping site.

The demolition of the original property allowed WDA the locate the new house in an optimal position, with plenty of south facing amenity space and easy level access from the parking area.

aerial view of modern house with leveled garden and large sliding doors to balcony on first floor

Low cost self-build

The clients wanted a house that is a highly sustainable, low impact and with very low running costs. The new home was constructed on a tight budget with standard off the shelf fittings.

balcony view into house with large sliding doors

Lifetime home

Our clients brief required a design that would meet the future needs of their limited mobility. All primary living spaces are located at entrance level and a lift allows complete access to all areas of the site including the lower garden.

Rooms have been spaciously designed with plenty of circulation space to avoid ‘pinch points’.

Fantastic floor to ceiling sliding doors allow access to the balcony and uninhibited views.

Photography Jenkins Developments
Completion Date 2016

open plan modern kitchen and dining area with sliding doors leading to balcony

open plan kitchen dining area with sliding doors leading to balcony