approach view visual of new arts barn from behind brick wall

The Fording Point

Arts centre and theatre in Blandford Forum.
Location Blandford forum, Dorset
Status Planning Approved
Use Community
Client Private

Blandford Forum is the only market town in Dorset that does not have its own dedicated Arts Centre.

A detailed planning approval was obtained in 2018 after many years of hard work and consultation with the Local Authority. Listed Building consent was also obtained to make openings for pedestrian access in an existing Listed brick wall.

visual of new arts barn at night with lights on

Bold aspirations

The concept scheme began as a bold contemporary building, back in 2010 and has been developed, refined and scaled down to a more traditional scheme to respond the complex planning requirements of this sensitive Burgage location and historic setting.

A local Charitable Trust which owns Blandford Museum and the Victorian Garden has generously given land to be used for the new Arts Centre.

Due to the project being completely funded through charities and grants, the brief required that part of the building had to be constructed out of natural and sustainable resources. The has resulted in the building using a unique construction method with a mix of straw bale walls within a theatrical rigging structure.

site plan layout of new arts centre barn
visual of proposed barn with timber cladding and large windows

The arts centre will provide a fantastic community facility for both locals and the wider area.

Fundraising is underway on this project to raise the money for the construction and running of the new arts centre which will be known as The Fording Point.