approach view to large modern house from front gates with curved roof

18 Lakeside Road

A revolutionary house of its time
Location Poole, Dorset
Status Built
Use Residential
Client Private

An original, modern, award winning house with dramatic landscaped gardens in Branksome Chine, Poole.

Project Awards & Recognition

George Clake’s Home Bible
Contemporary Homes
Homebuilding & Renovation
October 2004
Dorset Magazine (
September 2004
Poole Pride of Place Award
Homebuilding & Renovation Magazine Awards
Highly Commended, ‘Best Contemporary House’
Homebuilding & Renovating
January 2004

interior modern open plan living space in black and white tones with grand piano and floating staircase

Attention to detail

This stylish house features a curved roof and is set within a imaginative geometric landscaped garden. The garden was designed to be integral to the design of the house and includes an attractive water feature, and balconies.

The floor plan of the house is a series or curves and angles radiating from a single point in the centre of the living room.

front view of house with curved roof feature at dusk with lights on

Innovative Design

This large modern house was groundbreaking for its time, finished in a white render with large expanses of glass, all housed under a curved single ply membrane roof (WDA’s first roof of this kind).

This style of house set a precedence for the area.

open tread wooden staircase with glass balustrade and glass sky lights ceiling

Clever Ideas

Designed over 4 levels, with three exceptionally large bedrooms, the design is centred around a dramatic full height staircase, top lit by a glazed roof light the same size as the stairwell. This casts attractive patterns of light in the stairwell walls.

The daughters bedroom is split level with its own spiral staircase leading to the study mezzanine.

The master bedroom en-suite features a wall of etched glass. When the sun shines, ever changing silhouettes of the tress outside are projected on to the glass.

The living room has levels of false ceiling hiding concealed lighting and acting as acoustic baffles for the playing of our concert pianist client.

This fabulous house featured in numerous publications.


Completion Date 2010
Size 400 sqm
Photography Nigel Rigden